Sueños (Dreams)

They say the engine of life is love. I humbly disagree. It is our dreams…

Sueños (Dreams)

Dreams tells the story of all those people who struggle through life until they break down and surrender. Sometimes in life we all feel crushed by the constant struggle of existence and I feel that with each breath I draw this fight becomes more and more difficult. Dreams is my way of saying that even when we feel weary and paralyzed we still have our hopes. We have to keep on fighting. We have to keep on moving towards the inevitability of our faith. There is one thing certain in our life: death. The rest of it depends on us and our dreams.

The main character, K, is a woman living in a motionless and subdued reality. Her movements barely exist; her expressions are internalized. She only dares to express her feelings, her hopes, and her mobility through three dreams. In each dream she reaches a new level of existence, merging with nature and its elements.

Directed by Loránd János, starring and featuring choreographic work of Carme Martí.

Sueños (Dreams) is a dance short film that searches for the movement outside the human body and the body’s interaction with the environment. The film also explores the motion that lies inside the human body, that hidden and intimate yet powerful and expressive energy.

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