aGony + memOry + charactEr + thouGht + distOrtion + scrEam + siGnificance


Ego is about a struggle. The struggle to unleash oneself, to survive, to escape.


EGO from Lorand Janos on Vimeo.

There is not much to say about Ego, without spoiling some of the surprises the short film withholds. The intention was to create a mash-up between different genres, in the key of terror. The main cinematographic influences where David Lynch´s «Blue Velvet» Quentin Tarantino´s «Reservoir Dogs» (the chair-torture sequence), and horror movies, such as Eli Roth´s «Hostel«, Tobe Hooper´s «The Texas Chain Saw Massacre«, and also adding a touch of snuff.

Directed by Loránd János, starring Elisa del Pozo, produced by EGC.

Official selection BccN Film Festival, 2011, projected at the Macba (Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona).

Trivia: only a week after releasing the trailer, we where contacted and invited to submit our short movie to the Raindance Film Festival (quite an honor for us). Unfortunately, we did not pass the selection, we hope to be more lucky with our future projects.

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